Digital Warehouse - Netcare Warranty Program for Used Cisco, Used Alcatel and Used Juniper

Maximize the uptime, performance, and life span of your network with expert and affordable TAC services and Hardware Replacement options from Digital Warehouse. The Digital Warehouse NetCare program is designed to protect your network investments while saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive traditional maintenance contracts.

As businesses look for ways to streamline efficiency and lower expenses, Digital Warehouse can help with providing a one-stop solution for pre-owned networking hardware and cost-effective support services for most manufacturers. When businesses grow, so do networks. And most companies eventually turn to multiple vendors for network equipment. Let Digital Warehouse NetCare be your single point-of-contact for all your network support service needs.

  • 1 year Silver and 3 year Gold Support to choose from
  • 60 Minutes Software Support
  • Unlimited Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Next Business Day Hardware Replacement
  • All TAC Updates Included
  • Customer gets Annual TAC Report
  • Guaranteed In Stock Replacements
  • 5 x 8 Service Hours Support

To request a quote for NetCare, simply click here. For additional information on Digital Warehouse's NetCare program, please contact us at 1-646-695-9843 or email us.