Digital Warehouse - Reverse Logistics

Each year, billions of dollars worth of networking hardware are returned to the OEMs from multiple sources, including returns from customers, distribution and channel partners and field and regional offices.

The ability to manage returns plays an important role in the success of any business. Using an efficient returns process can uncover millions of dollars in hidden profits. From the moment a product is returned, the cycle involving labor cost, inventory value, warehouse space and product value begins to grow. Digital Warehouse understands the reverse-product life cycle and can deliver improved profitability, management and operational control. Through continuous process improvements, we have designed best practices that reverse the cycle of losses and uncover hidden value for our customers.

Realize measurable profits from your returns with our solutions and services which include:

  • Web-based Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
  • Returns transportation management
  • Returns disposition
  • Refurbishing and redeployment or remarketing
  • Recycling or scrapping

Reverse Logistics Management

Product and shipping information is tracked, stored, referenced and reported - and can be easily accessed so you can control which products are returned and what is the most cost effective method of redeployment, remarketing or disposition of them.

  • We will manage the entire returns process from every source.
  • We will increase net asset recovery.
  • We will help lower inventory holding costs at returns centers.
  • Returns can be redeployment to reduce acquisition costs.
  • Product remarketing can recover maximum value for returns.
  • We will design consistent processes of improved business controls.

To request a quote for Reverse Logistics, simply click here. For additional information on Digital Warehouse's Reverse Logistics program, please contact us at 1-646-695-9830 or email us.