Digital Warehouse - Customer Testimonials

You go above and beyond every time I submit an order. It seems like most companies have let customer service fall to the bottom of their list when running a business. You definitely have placed customer service at the top of your list and I really appreciate that. Happy New Year and I look forward to continue to working with you. Thank you,

Amy R. Reston, VA 

Overall, we look forward to continue and increase our business in 2011 and as always appreciate your support. Best Regards,

Mo P. West Chester, PA

Dear Thomas Thanks for reaching out to us. It was a pleasure working with both you and Digital Warehouse. We have received all the equipment we ordered. It all arrived in good working order and some even looked brand new. I wanted to thank you for your diligence and attentiveness to our needs and requests, in particular working with our leasing company to facilitate ordering. I feel certain that we will continue to do business with Digital Warehouse. I definitely look forward to working with you on future projects. Sincerely,

Bradley S. Salem, VA 

Dear Kevin Thanks for all your service. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Our organization has worked with Digital Warehouse for over 4 years and we have been very please with the service we receive from your staff, the quality of your products, and prices. Sincerely,

Kathy F. Palos Verdes Estates, CA

You had infinite patience and I appreciated it -especially after spending too many frustrating days at the cisco website and with their "sales" people playing 20 questions. You rock!

Elanie M. Copiague, NY 

Thank you so very much! We just got them, you guys have pretty much saved our roll over. Thanks again, the service is outstanding!

Chip W. Bennington, VT

Thanks a million, You sure do have an excellent tech support. Will recommend Digital Warehouse to my associates no doubt. Thanks Jemal. Cheers.


Hey Errol, I want to introduce you to Ken Bowne of Digital Warehouse. Ken is a great salesmen and he really stood by my side as I needed support for a really nasty issue that is still just now coming to an end, largely due to his support. He did this without any pressure of new sales or support costs. I know you guys are really entrenched with the vendor you use nowadays, but if you have an opportunity would you do me two favors? You knew it was coming didn’t you? J This is a no pressure request, but you know me - it doesn’t hurt to ask, right? 1. Ken may call you to introduce himself, would you give him a few minutes and explain the hardware that you may want potentially purchase in the near future? 2.If an opportunity arises in the future for any Servers/Network purchases, would you at least let him compete for the sale with a bid? You never know you may actually save the company some money. Thanks! And again...he is really a great no pressure sales guy who won’t leave your side because the sale is done. I know because we called him for support on a product that my client purchased somewhere else and he turned some screws to get it done.


If you don't mind refurb or "new-open-box" stuff... $395 at You might have to place a quote first. I have had good luck with them for the past couple years getting Cisco parts for 1700 and 3600 series routers and 2900 to 3560 series switches.

Russ S. 

Hello Dave, Yes! Everything went perfectly thanks to you! I got the cards just in time to get the hardware configured and shipped. You are a life saver! Have a great weekend!

Randy D. TAMPA, FL 

David- “You are the man. Thanks a lot for the explanation as it makes total sense. I should have the PO signed and faxed to you tomorrow.”


Good Morning Stephen. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your response in assisting us with the problem we were experiencing with our network earlier this week. BellSouth finally identified a faulty circuit card in their equipment and we were back on line Wednesday evening. The experience did demonstrate a possible weakness in our network configuration as we did not have a ready spare to resolve an in house problem of this nature. Therefore, we would like to request a quote for the WIC card we received on Wednesday as we are considering purchasing it as a ready spare. Thank you again for your support.


Greetings Dave, I am a small business owner and as such run into many obstacles during the course of conducting business. I need it yesterday, I need my order to be accurate, I need it to ship when it should, and I like to evaluate my options, thus pricing out multiple solutions, all in an effort to bring business value to my customer base. Often the sales force is requested to go through multiple cycles before a product and/or solution is selected and more often than not, the customer is not actually ready for the purchase. This adds frustration on my part and understandably the sales force, which often moves onto customers that result in an immediate sale. I have been doing business with Digital Warehouse for over a year or so and have been fortunate to have a sales representative from Digital Warehouse that is truly outstanding and exemplifies the words Quality Service and Sales. If that not enough this individual is consistent in their delivery, has always been willing to work through solution, willing to price any option and/or solution variable that we may dream up and does so in such a fashion that I personally feel great about the experience. When it comes to handling tasks that are not necessarily within their responsibility, providing research and/or articles that help to make an informed decision concerning products and/or solutions or simply getting your technical support team on the phone to chat for a few minutes, Doug always rises to the occasion. I wanted to take the time to let you know that Employees like Doug are hard to find, as your customer I values these services, and I congratulate your organization for their excellence! At Digital Warehouse I’m Important! Thank you for the experience and keep up the great work.


Hi Dave, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that your service to Peak 10 has been outstanding. I used to buy from multiple Cisco/Juniper vendors, but now I come to you for everything. Not only is your pricing top-notch, but you’re a pleasure to work with and you resolve any issue that may arise in a timely and professional manner. I have deleted all of the other vendors from my database. You 'da man! Thank you.


S: Thanks for the call. Here's a PO for the 3640 ordered and paid for. Your company does a good job for me, and I appreciate it. Thanks, again.


Thanks Alan! Just to let you know, you've been great to deal with. I certainly will not hesitate to do business with you again. Regards,


Mr. C: Thank very much for the cooperation. I appreciate the consistently professional level service received from Digital Warehouse.


If you guys were on EBay I'd give you the AAAA++++ for the WS-C2950-12 I got from you. Excellent packaging, brackets, cables the whole deal. Thanks again. And your shipping box looks pretty cool as well.


Ken, Thanks a lot for doing all this research and talking to the vendors and people trying to diagnose the tricky problem we had. Your emails and phone calls were the fastest replies I ever got from any customer services I worked with. I would like to ask you to pass this my email to your managers to let them know that my group and I really appreciate all your help. Thanks a lot.


David/Alan, I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that the card and cable worked great! Thanks for the support and quick turnaround.


Just wanted you to hear it from me. Ryan has been the most awesome sales representative and friend from Digital Warehouse. Very knowledgeable and always helpful. You are a fortunate employer to have an asset around like Ryan. Cheers,


...we're very satisfied with your service. Your company is always considered whenever we need Cisco equipment. Thanks,


We have been doing business with Digital Warehouse for nearly 3 years and now have purchased a wide range of Cisco switches, routers, universal gateways and other accessories. Digital Warehouse has always provided us with market competitive pricing and excellent on time delivery, which is very critical for our "Just In Time" purchasing policy. The range of pre-owned "A+" quality equipment has proven to be very reliable and cost effective path for our rapid network expansion. Our Account Manager, David always makes sure our orders are shipped promptly and we get the best price in the market These are few, among many reasons, why we like to do business with Digital Warehouse.

Champike M. Dubai, U.A.E

"Doug, ... I am so confident in Digital Warehouse that I have referred several close business partners to you. Each one has called back in amazement at how much they enjoyed working with you. They are all folks who have been around a long time and have become accustomed to the pain of purchasing. Once again, Digital Warehouse has made me look good. I am a permanent Digital Warehouse customer, and will continue to send my friends your way. I look forward to working with your stable, reliable, and quality company for a long time. Thank you again."


"I want to thank deeply Alan for helping us with a solution for our network upgrade. I've sent several request for quotes to other venders and none of them help me the Alan did. He even educated me on what I was purchasing which was vital to our network upgrade. His exceptional attention to details and keeping us informed of shipment arrivals was superb. Even after our purchase, we had a change order and Alan handle this in a professional and timely manner, which was VERY CRITICAL to our mission. Our first choice will be Digital Warehouse in our future purchases. Thanks to a great sales rep. Thank you once again Alan!"

Manuel C. Puerto Rico

Availability of equipment is key to us in the field. With our network size virtually doubling in 1 year, Digital Warehouse has been the #1 Cisco supplier to meet all of our equipment demands. Speed of service. Most large carriers constantly fight for my business for Cisco equipment but when I ask them can they deliver me a product in a week or less, most say give them 2 to 3 weeks lead time, plus they tout their competitive pricing but none so far can out price your equipment or service. Customer service. We've had situations in the past where we had a problems at remote sites with an equipment installation and Digital Warehouse was able to cross ship products to help us get the network going, saving us from having to return to our Corporate offices and RMA'ing the equipment out before new equipment can arrive. Tech Support. The technical staff at Digital Warehouse including Joe has been invaluable to us in recommendations for deploying Cisco and other networking gear. You have saved us weeks of research in some projects where a simple 10-minute phone call answered all of our questions and helped us white-board installations w/ immediate quotes from Joe and his team. "

Mark S. Houston, TX 

"Kate, ... Let me again reiterate my sincere appreciation in all your efforts. Customer service like yours is admirable quality!"

Robert G. San Antonio ,TX 

"Kate, ...the first time we dealt with your company, we were pleased with everything from price to service...I look forward to doing business with you in the future, and appreciate all of your efforts. Have a good weekend, David."

David A. Shreveport, LA 

"You are now Puma's only vendor for Cisco hardware. I removed the other company from the Vendor list so it is just your company. All future network purchases will go through you."

Raymond W. San Jose, CA 

"Hello David and Digital Warehouse, This note is just to say Thanks to David, he is a great asset to have. David was fast and very helpful in my recent purchase. U.. was in a pinch trying to acquire some Cisco equipment, David stepped up and said he could have the equipment to me in as little as 5 days, this was a great relief to me, as I was under the gun to get another access server up and running in a short time. After getting the financing in order, David had the product on its way to me in no time at all. The product arrived right on schedule and it was installed the same day. Thank You David The pre-owned access server arrived with all the necessary parts, and from first power up is working flawlessly ever since. Thanks Again David"

Glenn C. - Truckee, CA 

"Steve, I want to let you know that Kate Wood is quite an asset to your company. She made a huge difference for us, when on Sunday afternoon, she not only took our call, unlike all of your competitors, and worked through the afternoon with us. The part we were able to secure from you enabled us to bring our system back on line in time for our clients to use on Monday morning."

Kevin C. - Santa Monica, CA 

"David, Received that WIC-1DSU-T1 card this morning. Thanks for your assistance in expediting the order!! Will definitely keep you guys in mind for ordering Cisco products! Thanks again."

Jon L. - Walbridge, OH 

"Joe, thank you for telling me this. I will upgrade them all to 128MB, and hopefully they will all work without needing to buy new equipment. I am very grateful you told me about this, because it's going to save us a ton of money. I will make sure that my boss knows it was you that saved us the several thousand dollars we were going to spend."

Jay L. - San Jose, CA 

"I want to thank you for all of your service and support over this year. Both you and Jemal have been extremely helpful with our projects. I hope you and your staff have happy holidays and a happy new year ! Best regards,"

John R. - East Meadow, NY 

"The reasons I do business with Digital Warehouse are simple: • Excellent and timely technical assistance • Responsive and knowledgeable salespeople • Excellent delivery • No DOA's • Very aggressive pricing • Flexibility"

Ron S.- San Jose, CA

"I sent along a recommendation to my Senior VP... Hopefully we can arrange to do business with your company on a more regular basis...You guys really came through for us and helped us out of a bind (something our other distributors could/would not do) Thanks again!"

Dave M. - Prospect Heights, IL 

"After researching a number of companies, I am pleased to say that Digital Warehouse has offered the lowest price among them all. Thank you for your quickness in delivering the previous quote I requested, and I hope to be doing business with you in the near future. Thank you,"

Lindsey W. - UK

"I want to thank you for all your support - it's been great. And I will certainly look to do business with you again in the future when I require more equipment."

Frank C. - Australia 

"Thank you for the quick response and for taking care of this under stock issue for us. I will certainly remember your company in the future for any of our networking projects. I've also recommended you to a couple of our business partners who purchase larger quantities of networking equipment. I'm sure they'll contact you when the need arises. Thanks again for your prompt service and support."

Kerry K. - Clarksburg, WV 

"Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you as well. Ive got your info in our purchasing database as our preferred Cisco provider.Thanks for a great experience buying used equipment."

Jim C. - San Francisco, CA 

"I appreciate your continued help with these purchases, we have been very pleased with the service that we have received. Regards,"

Benjamin V. - Bozeman, MT

"Just wanted to say 'thanks' for getting this done as promised. The router arrived in Argentina on Wednesday, to the great relief of our Tech staff there. It is always a pleasure to work with people who are willing to make a commitment and follow through. Regards,"

Mary N. - Lakeside, CT

"I would like to thank the sales team and the rest of the people who work at Digital Warehouse for their prompt courteous service in renting a Cisco 3005 VPN Concentrator. The product worked great, When I called to ask for additional software, I was not only sent an email with a binary file but a CD ROM with the manuals was also included, which was a big help in configuring this very complex piece of hardware. The staff made it all work smoothly, and I was impressed with their helpful attitude. Pass on a big "atta boy" to all those involved, to let them know their efforts are appreciated. With best regards."

Scott S. - Tucson, AZ