Digital Warehouse's Cisco Network Hardware Rental Lease Program

From trade-shows to disaster recovery to data center relocation, our Used Cisco Rental Program is designed to be fast and flexible, accommodating a variety of needs. Renting network equipment is the ideal cost solution for short-term projects, saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars versus buying.

Here are some of our corporate usage models that clearly define the many benefits from our Cisco Rental Solution:

Data Center Relocations: Rent Used Cisco network to replicate your essential Data Center equipment for mirror backup during transition
Disaster Recovery: Rent Used Cisco to minimize down time with immediate replacement of down component until factory warranty replacement
Network Validation and Testing: Rent Used Cisco component and configuration for testing before final purchase investment
Trade Shows & Conference: Rent Used Cisco routers and switches to accommodate unique event schedule, duration, and urgency
Gap fulfillment for order delays: Rent Used Cisco component to fulfill backorder gaps to avoid configuration and implementation delays
Network Training & Simulations: Rent Used Cisco components and configurations meeting Cisco lab or test requirements
R & D Lab Testing: Rent Used Cisco routers and switches that enable complete benchmark, validation, and proof of concept results

With our comprehensive rental program, we offer full flexibility for short term Cisco rentals, long term extended rentals, rental buy-out and easy rental to lease conversions…..and most importantly, we make the entire process easy and simple.

We offer a wide selection of network equipment for rental or lease, including switches and routers, access servers, high-end blades and popular Cisco firewall such as ASA5500 and ASA5510's, all based on your project specification.

As an example, we can rent Cisco 7206VXR with a Cisco NPE-400, NPE-G1 or the latest processing engine the NPE-G2. In addition, rent a Cisco3845 router as a custom configuration including HWICs and network modules that will meet your performance and feature specification. Due to our vast inventory and sourcing expertise, we can rent WS-C6509-E and other mid to high performance switches at significant cost savings to you. Rent supervisor engines such as the WS-SUP720, WS-SUP720-3B or WS-SUP720-3BXL along with other popular network modules, blades, port upgrades, and accessories that can provide significant performance boost to your existing network infrastructure.

Popular in stock and in-demand Cisco components available for rental are:

Rent WS-X4548-GB-RJ45 Rent CISCO7206VXR Rent NPE-G1
Rent WS-C4948E-E Rent CSS-11151-256M-AC Rent WS-SUP720-3B
Rent WS-X6704-10GE Rent CISCO2811 Rent WS-C3560G
Rent WS-C3750G Rent WS-C3560-24PS-S Rent WS-X6548-GE-TX
Rent WS-C4507R Rent WS-C6509-E Rent WS-F6K-DFC

Note:  We can rent Juniper, Extreme, and Foundry networking equipment for highly specialized projects.

Our Cisco Rental design team is composed of Cisco Certified Sales experts including CCNA and CCNP certified engineers, and we are happy to discuss detailed technical specifications and budget requirements.

All Cisco rental hardware comes pre-configured with the requested modules, software and memory configuration prior to deployment. Upon delivery of the rental equipment to your location, our certified engineers are available via telephone support to answer any technical questions you may have.

Your comprehensive Cisco Rental quote will include detailed configuration data and schedules, including rental rates by 1 month, 2-3 months, and up to 6 month, and with full purchase or buy-out options.

To request a quote for Lease & Rental, simply click here. For additional information on Digital Warehouse's Lease & Rental program, please contact us at 1-646-695-9830 or email us.

Or Download Our Latest Guide to Cisco Hardware Networking Rental